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Title Naba-Pratibha
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Atukrishna Chakraborty


Naba-Pratibha was a Bengali literary monthly first published in 1308 B.S. (1901). During Naba-Pratibha’s early years Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay was the most noted editor, while the journal was published from Nabopratibha Karyalay, Calcutta. The journal published poems, plays, short stories and novellas as well as essays, commentaries, articles, and reviews. Authors included Rasik Mohan Chakraborty, Harisadhan Mukhopadhyay, Sarala Bala Dasi, Nagendra Chandra Mitra, Ardhenduranjan Ghosh, Panchanan Ghosh, Naliniranjan Pandit, Brajasundar Sanyal, Keshab Chandra Gupta, Girijabhushan Chattopadhyay and Sarat Chandra Lahiri. The journal occasionally published special issues to commemorate important occasions. For example, in 1310 B.S. (1903), the journal published ‘Hemchandra Sankhya’ (Hemchandra Number) to commemorate the poet Hemchandra Bandypadhyay, who died in the same year.


Key subjects were literature, history, education, philosophy and religion. Published articles included ‘Darshan Sikhshar Abonoti’ (Decline of Philosophical Education); ‘Akbarer Abhishek’ (Akbar’s Coronation); ‘Jatiya Ekota’ (National Unity); ‘Bharate Ingreji Siksha’ (English Education in India); ‘Kalidas Byakhya’ (Examining Kalidasa); ‘Mogol Rajatte Pulish’ (The Police Under the Mughals); and ‘Meyeli Sahitya o Barbrata’ (Women’s Literature and Rites and Rituals). The section ‘Mashik Sahitya o Somalochona’ (Monthly Literary Reviews) reviewed other contemporary Bengali journals such as Antaapur, Sudha, Bangabhasha, Pantha and Utsaho.

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