Title Chapter VIII. Early Measures for Education in the Bombay Presidency During 1815-23.—Minutes by The Hon’ble Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Hon’ble F. Warden, on Education, in 1823 and 1828.—Sir John Malcolm’s Views Against General Education in English, in his Minute of 1828.—Despatch of the Court of Directors to the Bombay Government, Dated 21St September 1829, Favouring Stu1 of English.—Sir John Malcolm’s Modified Views, in his Minute, Dated 10th October, 1829.—Despatch of the Court of Directors to the Bombay Goveibnment, Dated 29Th September, 1830, in Favour of English Edejcation.—The Elphinstone Institution for English Educa
Author / Editor M.A.-O College
Pages 38 - 45
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