Title Chapter XXVI. Campaign in Oude; Fate of Leading Rebels; Moolvee of Lucknow; Lall Madhoo Sing, of Amethie; Bainie Madhoo, Rana of Shunkerpoor ; Dabee Bux, Rajah of Gonda; Nirput Sing, of Royea; Tantia Topee; Maun Sing; Mehndie Hossein; Feroze Shah, Prince of Delhi; Begum of Oude, and Birjis Kudder; Nawabs of Furruckabad, Banda, and Jhujjur; Rajahs Of Mithowlee and Bullubghur; Trial, Sentence, and Transportation of the King of Delhi; Surrender of Khan Bahadoor. Khan; Penal Settlement for Sepoys, Formed at the Andamans; Termination of the Rule of the E.I. Company; Proclamation of the Sovereignty of Queen Victoria, Nov, 1858; Conclusion
Author / Editor The London Printing and Publishing Company Ltd.
Pages 496 - 504
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